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The AEROVISION productions in PROGERSS VIDEO PROGRAMS and PHOTOGRAPY treated like an information tool for management and other stakeholders The PROGERSS VIDEO PROGRAMS and PHOTOGRAPY- internal marketing tool with a limited life and objective. It is an EVIDENTIAL video providing visible CAPABILITY REASSURANCE. The same subject matter and footage perform both these tasks highly effective – that is as an internal marketing tool (i.e. Video progress report) with an admittedly limited purpose; and an influential marketing tool with wider future usage. The latter becomes a persuasive ‘leave-behind’ for prospective clients to view after a face-to-face presentation. It can be shown to a wider audience of influential parties and decision makers to appraise and evaluate. The moving image is more persuasive and attention-holding than stills and text documents alone. We live in an audio-visual communication age. Aero Vision proposes that maximizes the use of the footage with a suitable professional production It will provide a prompt round-up capturing the step by step activities taking place at key points in the Project - specifically the plant, dams and tunnel construction. AEROVISION produces memorable and popular Tele-dramas that people talk about and attract an avid audience; imaginative TV commercials for leading brands, that sell the product or service; and TV documentaries that deal with many subject categories as varied as Hydropower, Irrigation, Engineering Sector, Industrial Sector, The Environment, Wildlife, Science and Technology, Education, Community Development, and Health issues. AEROVISION resolves to produce effective communications with striking ideas for our clients. No challenge is too big or too small. AEROVISION crafts effective corporate and marketing strategies for audio/visual productions from premises in two centers - Colombo and Kandy.