Moragahakanda Kaluganga Development Project - 3D project

Moragahakanda Kaluganga Development Project - Golden Waters of a splendorous valley

Moragahakanda Kaluganga Development Project - Progress monitering Video Program

'Nil Ahasa Wage' – 2004 telecast from Swarnawahini, support Sans Frontiers (Tsunami Fundraising tele–documentary)

Documentary for NERD (National Engineering Research Development) – Solar Photo Volt Testing Unit 2003

Documentary for NERD – Technology and Marketing 2006

Samanulunta Wedithiyanna’ – tele-drama 2007 (Swarnavahini)

Single episode tele-drama ‘Sennasenna arunnalata’ (Labour Department – 2008)

Single episode tele-drama – ‘Binda Watuni maliga’ Labour Department 2008)

Tele-drama documentary style, 'Ran Mini Muthu' (Tamil tele-drama for the Labour Department – 2009).

“More fish more money” documentary about Sri Lanka fish industry such as fishing technics, storage, marketing, export activities and dry fish. Medium - English/French. Made it for promoting fish export market.

Scriptwriting featuring inventions and discoveries emanating from Sri Lankan Universities for University Grants Commission and Higher Education Ministry.